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Global Council on Inequality, AIDS and Pandemics

The Council will include global health experts from academia, government, civil society, international development and the creative arts, who propose evidence-based solutions for addressing inequalities linked to AIDS and pandemics.

Council goals

Creating a policy environment where inequalities can be addressed so that the world can end AIDS and better prepare for and respond to pandemics.

Council objectives

The global council is being established by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS).

To elevate public and political awareness of the interconnectedness between inequalities, AIDS, and other pandemics.

To gather, analyze and utilize evidence to better understand precisely how inequalities drive pandemics like AIDS, COVID-19, Mpox etc. and what can be done to build inequality-responsive efforts.

To generate innovative thinking on strategies/policies/laws to combat the inequalities that perpetuate pandemics and to drive political will to implement them.

What we do

We conduct research and analyze data

That identify evidence and strategies to address inequalities driving the transmission of HIV and pandemics. Our analyses look at the health system and social, economic, political, and legal determinants of HIV transmission and pandemics.

We utilize creative communication products

To reach advocates, academics, policy makers and other audiences, to equip them with information for making informed choices on addressing inequalities.

We engage political leaders & decision makers

To encourage them to embrace inequality-sensitive policies as part of ending AIDS and in pandemic preparedness and response. We focus on the HIV prevention agenda; access to treatment and new technologies; community-led services and monitoring; and financing and sustaining the HIV response.